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How do I pay monthly dues?
Monthly membership fees are paid through an automatic bank draft or by credit card. The benefits of automated draft are:
Convenience: Eliminate the time and hassle of paying by check each month.
Flexibility: You can choose payment preference: checking, savings or credit card.
Security: EFT payments can’t be lost, altered or forged.

How do I stop the billing on my account and just get a bill in the mail?
In order to maintain an active membership, all of our members must have a checking account or credit card from which we can process your monthly membership dues.

How do I change the address, telephone or billiing information on my membership?
Changes to your membership information can be made over the phone or in person during staffed hours.

Can I freeze my membership?
Yes. Memberships can be frozen for up to 3 months. Please contact us 5 business days prior to your draft date and we can freeze your account.

Can I bring a guest?
Yes. Guests are welcome to come with you during staffed hours. The guest will need fill out a one time guest registration form and waiver, and pay a $10 guest fee.

How do I cancel my membership?
If you are the primary member, you need to complete a written notice to cancel your membership. Forms are available at the front desk or online. Cancellations are not accepted via e-mail or verbally over the telephone. Your request must be received 5 business days before the draft date in order to avoid recurring charges.


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